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Increasing Conversion
at Chewy

Project Overview

Researching customers needs to update the existing Connect with a Vet intake experience to be more user-friendly and informative to increase conversion.


4 months







A/B Testing, Customer research and outcomes, wireframes, low and high-fidelity prototypes with iterations

My Role

Conducting A/B tests with customers, competitive analysis research, and collaborating on ingress options with other design teams. Creating wireframes, low & high-fidelity prototypes, iterations in design based on user feedback, Figma designs, and dev documentation for software developers to code.


Problem Statement

Chewy pet parents need an intuitive and seamless ingress experience into Connect with a Vet in order to increase the likeliness that they will use the service. 

Solution Statement

We believe that by creating an easier and more intuitive ingress into Connect with a Vet chat and video experiences, we will help more customers complete a chat or video with vet professionals.,


We will know this to be true when we see a 30% increase of conversion within the first 3 months.


By analyzing our current intake experience, conducting customer research sessions, and competitive analysis, I found ways that our current intake process was inefficient. By using A/B tests, and working alongside other teams, we found ways to improve the user flow and increase conversion into Connect with a Vet.

Competitive Analysis
3 pet telehealth apps
2 human telehealth apps


“This process is taking too long. I don't know how long this form is."

“Why do I have to fill out this information again? I filled it out in the first process!"

Research Insights

Our customers wanted the intake process to be simpler and intuitive by auto-filling with saved pet information. They wanted clear feedback about how long the process would take.



Original chat experience

connecting with vet

Update to intake experience

The intake experience was a long form that would build upon itself. By viewing Usability Heuristic #1 (keep users informed about what is going on) I created an A/B test for customers to determine if our current longer form, or a wizard with clear steps would be more ideal.


The prefered flow was the wizard with clear steps. Some users mentioned that they thought the process was shorter, even though they were the same amount of questions. We created an updated intake experience with step indications.


Intake issues:

  • Bot-like intake experience created questions from customers like "will the chat be with a bot as well?"

  • Filling out sections and having another section open up below was a bad user experience - no clear indication of how long it would take to fill out

Updated Intake:
  • Breaking down the sections into actionable steps

  • Video and New Pet intake forms have 4 steps - the new experience is customizable, but consistent in different situations

  • Being able to pre-fill where we can to reduce cognitive load on pet parents

Original intake experience


Updated intake experience - steps 1 - 3


When pet parents selected a radio button here, all the options would collapse. Not only was this jarring, but if they needed to change their answer, it was confusing.

This is the only section where you did not have have a "Continue" CTA


Some of these fields are required, and some are optional. Our pet parents wouldn't know which ones were required until they got the dreaded red "error messages" when trying to proceed.

Other Updates

Material Design Chat Icon updated to Internal Design System (Chirp) Chat icon. "Return to Chat" flag to alert customers that navigate around the website or App on how to return increasing the ability for our customers to navigate and stay interacting with the vet on chat or video.


Return to Chat Flag

Connect with a Vet Chat customers dropping off while waiting to connect

This was a huge issue for the product because even if we could get customers through the funnel of completing the intake form, many would leave as they were waiting.

Waiting Room Issues:

  • pet parents are trapped in waiting area until vet joins

  • seeing a lot of drop off at this point from customers navigating away from the page

  • wait times could be high


  • bring waiting into the chat experience

  • allow pet parents to upload more information before the vet joins

  • allowing them to input more can help alliviate the pain of waiting as well as meet a need to provide more information to the vet - catching those that might drop before 5 minutes

  • increased amount of vets in order to decrease customer waiting time.

Next Steps​

Another large issue that we were working on was moving the Auth-Gate to later in the flow. In order for the pet parents to start the process of intake they would be required to sign in. Some pet parents were new to Chewy and not interested in signing up. The challenge is showing them the benefits of joining Chewy in order to get them to buy into the Connect with a Vet product. Once customers try the experience they have nothing but positive experiences to say and become repeat customers.

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