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Chewy, Inc.

For over 2 years I was a Product Designer at Chewy designing user experiences for Pet Health products with consideration to the needs of pet parents and business goals. I enjoyed collaborating with other designers, engineers, product managers, marketing, and stakeholders to determine the future of telemedicine products. I worked in the process of ideation, research, prototyping, and handing off final screens for development.

Dog with Family in Background


Working with the pet health team to create a pet telehealth chat and video interface that can be accessed by pet parents from computer, tablet, or mobile app.


A large business concern was providing clear information about the pet telemedicine features on Chewy. There were many projects based on increasing conversion and clarifying the customer experience to provide a clear ingress into the chat and video pet telemedicine experiences.

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Woman and Dog on Hike


Telemedicine experiences need constant updating based on research results and competitive analysis. These were some of the projects that I worked on related to providing a better experience for our customers.

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