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Waters Corporation

For over 2 years I have been the UX/UI Designer for multiple projects within a portfolio of interconnected Cloud software titles in the life sciences domain at Waters Corporation. I have the experience of working within fast-paced agile scrum teams designing cutting-edge scientific software interfaces, creating wireframes, prototypes, and assisting with everything from ideation sessions with customers to usability research sessions of high-fidelity prototypes.

Man Using a Tablet


Working with Project Owners and software developers to create an interface that can be accessed by scientists from computer, tablet, or mobile showing the status of systems and lab monitoring. Groundbreaking work in the scientific field.


One of the most important projects in the company. I have been a key member of this project for over 2 years and have been instrumental in guiding the UI design for this Cloud-based application which is an update to the software program that grosses over $200m/year for the company.

Scientist on Computer
Pipetting Samples and Test Tube


The 16+ applications being created have a workflow associated with them. This project helps the scientific administrators form the workflows that lab techs will be using as they perform their lab tests throughout the day.


Scientists have custom calculations they need the programs to complete in order to analyze the data to adhear to government restrictions, quality, and safety measures. This project will allow them to create the custom fields they need to complete these tasks.

Math Formulas
Icon Poster


The Waters UI Guide is constantly changing and updating due to customer feedback, accessibility guidelines, and updated industry standards. I have been instrumental in helping guide these changes and updates to create a more user-friendly & accessible UI Guide.

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