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Incremental Updates
for Chewy

Project Overview

Working with customers, Project Managers, and software developers to update the existing Connect with a Vet experience to an interface that can be accessed within the Chewy native mobile app.


3 months







Hybrid NMA


Wireframes, low and high fidelity prototypes with iterations, research sessions, presentations to customers and shareholders.

My Role

Competitive analysis research, creating wireframes, low & high fidelity prototypes, conducting usability tests, iterations in design based on user feedback, Figma designs, and dev documentation for software developers to code.


Problem Statement

Chewy pet parents need an intuitive and seamless experience regardless of the device that they are using. The business needs integration with the Chewy Native Mobile Application.

Solution Statement

We believe that by creating NMA integration of Connect with a Vet chat and video experiences, we will help customers access recommended products and increase conversion.


We will know this to be true when we see a 40% increase of conversion within the first year, and 20% increase in sales.


I conducted a competitive analysis of current app chat and video experiences. I took a survey of popular apps like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, as well as pet telehealth experiences like Fuzzy and Dutch. I analyzed which ones used a ChatBot-like experience as well as documenting interactions like wait time notifying, personalization moments, and ease of use.

Competitive Analysis
6 social apps
4 pet telehealth apps

“It is interesting to see how many different ways our competitors are showing the waiting experience before connecting with a representative"

“The idea of adding a veterinarian profile would address many of our customer's concerns! I love this idea!"

Research Insights

Most applications had similar treatments regarding location and the ability to add photos to the chat experience. Some had profile information about the person they were communicating with which I felt could help with the trust concerns that some of our customers had.



Video Updates

Chewy Brand colors and icons brought into the video waiting room


Original chat experience

connecting with vet

Update to text box area

The team was moving from Oracle to a custom experience within Chewy that needed to be built with components that could work in both customer-facing and vet-facing experiences. The experience also needed to be intuitive on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Original chat experience

in-system emoji selection


Beta testing in staging of updated experience

Updates to experience:

  • moving icons for attach and send outside of text box

  • increasing visibility of in-system emoji selector

  • allowing for text box to expand accomodating 3 lines of text

  • researching and implimenting experiences for visually impared

  • added time stamps & clarity for when the vet joins chat


Final launched product

Transfer to new vet & tablet-size experience

tablet testing

There might be situations where a pet parents would have to be transfered to a new vet professional.


This transfer experience could also apply to situations like transferring from a general customer service representative to a vet and vice versa.

The goal was to make it clear to pet parents that they have been transfered to a new provider.

A secondary goal was to make sure that the tablet-sized experience was consistent with the mobile experience. 8% of users were on tablet-sized screens as opposed to 80% on mobile phone screens.

Competitive Analysis

I did a deep dive into our  competitor's chat and video experiences as well as some popular social media chat experiences to gain a better understanding on what works well and doesn't. Gathering this information also helped us gain a better understanding of what common practices are to inform our design direction.

Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 1.13.38 PM.jpeg
Next Steps​

The transfer from an Oracle-based system to the Chewy-run chat experience was successful and we were able to use components in both the customer-facing and vet-facing interfaces. Updates that were talked about her creating a vet profile section, and making the experience more accessible through content versus color to show connection to the vet professional.

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